Current Moon Phase

Waxing Gibbous Moon
Waxing Gibbous Moon

The moon is currently in Aries
The moon is 12 days old

Distance: 61 earth radii
Ecliptic latitude: -4 degrees
Ecliptic longitude: 1 degrees
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Who We Are :

Gnostic Serpent Society is an open community concerning mystical knowledge and practices based on the true understanding of human mind – Body – Spirit and the nature of Consciousness. The idea came out of an abstraction of a community made out of people who find themselves on the same path, which may be called path of enlightenment, path of consciousness, path of light, ascension process, …. which we prefer to call it path of Truth.

The Human being is nothing but a holographic God or we can say the miniature Universe and the whole creation is nothing but a secret to be revealed or maybe a lost memory to recover. As far as the whole universe is a hierarchy of causally related distributed network of beings, it can be considered as a complex matrix of chaos. All entities are kind of source of entropy and as a result the whole system is nothing but interconnected chains of causes and effects which shapes karmic spheres due to different harmonics in expanding space-time. According to gnostic point of view, the only reason that human spirit is experiencing the physical world (or better to say suffering in space-time domain) is that we are kind of binded to the matrix of physical reality through our karmic actions. Here, Experiencing physical world does not only mean physically but mentally which is even more important, cause one can physically live in physical world where the clock ticks, but mentally lives in the realm of spirits which is a domain beyond space-time, It’s totally depends on the exact state of consciousness at the specific time. Good to mention here that these states of consciousness have direct relation to the different harmonics of expanding space-time and what is obvious is that, one’s karma is totally depends on one’s state of consciousness and vice versa.
As far as the Human being is not limited to Adam and Eve anymore and we colonized ourselves so that now we find our specie about 7.6 Bilion populated, here comes the problem of collective mind or collective state of consciousness and the way it effects individual karma and the way each individual response to these effects as a feedback, which can take the whole closed system of Gaia either toward more entropy or toward equilibrium. Therefore, the challenge here is about individual spiritual path and the collective spiritual path which are interwoven together and how can these two get along and happens simultaneously in modern age. Obviously both individual and collective path are the same, as human being would evolve and ascend through the path of chakras or what has been referred as middle pillar in Tree of life model, the whole population as one collective consciousness should ascend through different state of consciousness in order to burn off collective karma which is holding every individual so low that they can’t even ascend while they are connected to the collective mind. In other word, our collective mind has been corrupted by the karmic chain which we created throughout the history, all bloody wars we did, all abusive actions we did toward our nature, all misuse of natural resources and ultimately the whole corrupted financial system which is by now a totally autonomous system that has made us a mere slave. So, we made ourselves a very civilized slave who has no idea about other possible realities we could create. We have lost the way and we got so far from the path which we decided to take before we born into this reality. We forgot about the path of truth, the path which is about to bring balance and harmony into life in order to ascend toward higher states of consciousness and worlds of infinite possibilities.
There are too much to say about the reason that I decided to establish Gnostic Serpent Society, I’ve tried to briefly point out the whole story above, but there still one more point to mention, and that’s the reason I’ve named this society, Gnostic Serpent. During my whole experiences and researches on my own path, I found the gnosis the most comprehensive and all-inclusive title under which one can fit any true mystical path, maybe cause it has no boundary nor specific responsible. The science of gnosis according to my own investigations is a good collection of mystical wisdom and practices from all around the Globe; I believe there is no definite framework for it and it is a continuously evolving spiritual framework. Therefore, we are using the name Gnostic Serpent to describe the evolutionary property of our scheme which would take advantage of any true knowledge and any true techniques throughout the history or maybe even create some new threads toward the ultimate truth.
The true knowledge is lying beyond minds, everyone has a direct link to the source of all knowledge and everyone could be a true reflection of universal truth here on Earth. But in order to enable our proprietary link toward the network of universal consciousness, first we need to upgrade our system in order to be able of receiving and processing more complex information from higher states of being. By upgrading I mean preparing the trinity of Body, Mind and ultimately the Spirit which I define it as a psyche triangle. This psyche triangle is actually our system of processing energy (information) and through this system we are processing both cosmic and physical energies. Therefore, in the community we aim to provide useful hints and tutorials for preparing the psyche system and moreover share our knowledge and experiences about how to use this system for the ascension process.

The Gnostic Serpent Society will be consist of 4 categories of subjets as follow :

Wisdom Archive

This section is about to provide mystical knowledges and secrets from both eastern and western part of the world and analyzing them by running discussions in relevant forums.


This section is dedicated to both Shamanic (& Magickal) wisdom and techniques and how they can be used according to the chaotic nature of reality. Forums of this section would be the best place to discuss about chaos and complexity theory and how it should be studied under shamanic culture.

Art of Yoga

This section is about all physical and mental practices which are fundamentals to the preparation of psyche trinity by focusing more on physical and mental practices that help anyone to prepare the whole central nervous in order to experience higher states of consciousness.

Art of Consciousness

This category is dedicated to visionary artists including their projective and musical arts. It supposed to be a place for all visionary artists and their fans to talk more about the essence of visionary art and their own concept.