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    • Michael Chase

      The Greatest Art is the Cultivation of the Beauty of the Human Soul.

      Art is the world of the imagination and of inspiration. The Esoteric Art has always expressed the internal, mystical reality of a person. This is referred to as the “Royal Art of Nature”. It provides direct teachings to the consciousness of a person who is receptive to them and is a type of food for the soul, it is perceived through the imagination and illuminates the heart.

      Beauty – The Highest Ideal

      Beauty is related with the Human Soul and corresponds directly to our consciousness, and is that which gives us real value, and gives us the capacity to be alive.

      It is the essence, the very nature of our soul. It is with beauty that the soul is developed – by the influence, by the effect, by the development and cultivation of beauty. So, this is the great art: the Great Work. The greatest art is the cultivation of the beauty of the Human Soul.

      When we look at creation as a whole, we see that the highest form of cognizant life in our particular level is the human being – each one of us. We are the potential from which the highest beauty can emerge, and we know from our traditions and throughout our histories that certain human beings have risen, have manifested that great beauty, and have inspired millions because they fully realized the potential of their own consciousness. We can look to many examples of great human beings who, without concern for anything other than the highest ideal, developed that ideal in themselves.

      Beauty in itself is the influence or force that is essential for the unfolding of the human consciousness. The importance of beauty for the development of the Soul was recognized by all ancient philosophers, and the communities or civilizations within which beauty was highly respected and cultivated, in turn developed highly developed individuals. Cultures that have held beauty as their ideal and worked for beauty in all works of architecture, music, painting, philosophy, religion, and other sciences – those are the same civilizations that produced the greatest people in history.

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    • Afshin

      Nice one!

      In the Kabbalistic Tree of Life, the beauty is associated with “Tiphareth” sephira! I can relate most part of your description to this plane of consciousness!

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