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Bhujangasana – 1

Bhujanga means a serpent. In this posture, lie flat on the floor, face downwards, lift the body up from the trunk and throw the head back like a serpent about to strike.


1. Lie on the floor face downwards. Extend the legs, keeping the feet together. Keep the knees tight and the toes pointing.

2. Rest the palms by the side of the pelvic region.

3· Inhale, press the palms firmly on the floor and pull the trunk up. Take two breaths.

4· Inhale, lift the body up from the trunk until the pubis is in contact with the floor and stay in this position with the weight on the legs and palms.


5· Contract the anus and the buttocks, tighten the thighs. Maintain the pose for about 20 seconds, breathing normally.

7· Exhale, bend the elbows and rest the trunk on the floor. Repeat the pose two or three times and then relax.


The posture is a panacea for an injured spine and in cases of slight dis­ placement of spinal discs the practice of this pose replaces the discs in their original position. The spinal region is toned and the chest fully expanded.

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