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The Chariot by Crowley & Harris

Key Words:

Cancer; new beginning, change for the good; introspection, meditation, spiritual path.


The will to conquer, courage, victory

Alchemical attributes

Mars in connection with Sun or Mercur; Mars as symbol of enforcement combines with Sun as symbol for will or Mercur as the symbol of the way

Tree of life: Binah going to Geburah = ( Cheth ח )

Element: Water
Number: 7 as the number of earthly and divine harmony (3+4), destiny, motion


The Chariot stands for combined powers, ready to move forward. It represents the dynamic principle and the human will to proceed, the ability to use the powers of life and keep the outer and inner balance.

The Chariot shows a strong will, a strong personality, and at its best, victory and success. But it also is a symbol for controversial power, for contradictions that are not solved, but just controlled.

The driver sits in meditation posture in a chariot which has not yet begun to move. He is clothed in golden armor and is meditating on the Holy Grail which is rotating in his hands. The Grail symbolizes the Wheel of Fortune. The driver is examining all possible consequences before daring to set the chariot in motion on a new beginning, for once the driver has chosen to start, there is no turning back. Nothing will be able to arrest the journey.
This card refers generally to imminent new beginnings. It can point to a journey, or the start of some new phase (relationship, living situation, job) of life. Nothing should be decided precipitously. Every- thing requires exact examination and preparation. But once all the ground-work is done, the new start should not be put off unnecessarily. Everything points toward favorable developments.

The driver’s armor is golden and set with ten crystals. It is a symbol of Cancer’s protective shell, providing shelter and protection for the inner transformation (the color gold) and the development of clarity (crystals). In times of breakthrough or new beginnings you need the protection and support of a loving atmosphere which provides a sense of safety and security. The oncoming change brings with it much excitement and unrest. This is a time to avoid chaotic, disorganized, or loveless relationships.

The new start leaves behind the boring routine of daily life. Inspiration and ideas abound, and expand your areas of activity. This is symbolized by the concentric blue circles in the background. You are now in a position to engage successfully in many different activities. This variety of activity will enrich and stimulate you. Despite the bustle, your highest goal will not be forgotten. The road upon which the chariot stands is paved with golden stones. This is the regal path travelled by every spiritual seeker in search of self-knowledge and inner transformation.

The four sphinxes (bull, lion, person, eagle) are the energies which will set the chariot in motion. They have exchanged heads and bodies, and assist each other. Once the right direction is chosen, their energies will combine and be set in motion to assure successful progress. Your trust in your own powers and perceptions will grow.

The Conquerer by Ina Audeirieth

Tarot Cards

The Major Arcana ( Trump )


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