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In the Qabalah, Chokmah is the second of the ten Sephiroth on the “Tree of Life.” Its meaning is Wisdom. The other Sephiroth are: Kether, Binah, Chesed, Geburah, Tiphareth, Netzach, Hod, Yesod, and Malkuth.

Qabalistic Attributions

Name: Chokmah (Wisdom)

Chakra: Ajna (Pineal Gland)

Key Scale: 1

Astrology: Neptune



Egyptian (selection): Amoun, Thoth, Nuith

Egyptian (practical): Isis (as Wisdom)

Hindu: Shiva, Vishnu (as Buddha avatars), Akasa (as matter), Lingam

Scandinavian: Odin

Greek: Athena, Uranus (Hermes)

Roman: Janus (Mercury)

Christian: God the Father, God who guides Parliament

General Attribution: The 4 Twos, and Kings or Knights

Titles & Attributions

Wands: The Lord of Dominion (Mars in Aries)

Cups: The Lord of Love (Virgo in Cancer)

Swords: Peace (Luna in Libra)

Discs: Change (Jupiter in Capricorn)


Material Correspondences

King Scale: Pure soft blue

Queen Scale: Grey

Emperor Scale: Blue pearl grey, like mother-of pearl

Empress Scale: White, flecked red, blue, and yellow

Animals: Man

Plant: Amaranth (Mistletoe, Bo or Pipal Tree)

Precious Stone: Star Ruby, Turquoise

Perfume: Musk

Vegetable Drug: Hashish (Cocaine)

Mineral Drug: Phosphorus

Alchemical Metal: Tin

Magick & Mysticim

The Four Worlds

Element: Root of Fire

Magical Weapons: Lingam, the Inner Robe of Glory (The Word)

Magical Formula: VIAOV

Parts of the Soul: Chiah (The Life Force)

Chakra: Ajna (Pineal Gland)

The Soul (Hindu): Buddhi

Quarter: —

Order of Qliphoth: Ghagiel (Hinderers)

Forty Buddhist Meditations: Joy

Magical Power: The Vision of God face to face, Vision of Antinomies

System of Taoism: The Yang and Khien

Figure related to Pure Number: The Cross

Heaven of Assiah: Mazloth (Sphere of the Zodiac)

God Name in Assiah: Yah (The Father)

Archangel of Assiah: Ratziel

Angels of Assiah: Auphanim (Wheels)

Divine Name of Briah: AL

Angel of Briah: Raphael

Choir of Angels in Briah: Auphanim

Palace of Briah: Hekel Qadosh Qadeshim

(Palace of the Holy of Holies)





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