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Death by Crowley & Harris

Key Words:

Scorpio; death and resurrection; transformation: scorpion, snake, eagle; becoming free of old ensnarements; external changes.


Death and Rebirth, end and begin, transformation and metamorphosis, inner wisdom, consequence

Alchemical attributes

Saturn in house 8 – the planet of the border, the separation and the farewell in the House of ‘Death and Rebirth’

Tree of life: Tiphareth going to Netzach = (Nun נ)

Element: Water
Number: 13 as the number destroying the perfection of the 12


As a rule, the card Death does not mean physical death. It generally points to radical external transformation. (The card XVI, The Tower, is the expression of internal change.)

Old relationships are demanding to be disintegrated. This process may be bound together with painful experiences. However, your drawing this card indicates your readiness. The act of letting go, difficult as it may be, will liberate you. Death shows two faces; one destroying and tearing down, the other freeing you from old bonds which have become confining, preventing Life. Which of these aspects will predominate depends on your attitude. Any desire to hold on or cling to old bonds will cause their death to appear that much more agonizing. Hesse tells us to let ourselves fall. When we have renounced our supports, even the earth under our feet; so that we listen to the guide in our hearts, then all is won. There is no more fear, no more danger, when we let go.

The painting is dominated by the skeleton with its scythe ready to mow. It is poised in an extremely tense position, coiled, about to set into motion change, and transformation. The scorpion at the bottom of the picture holds its tail ready to sting. The blossoms of the water lily and the holy lily lay dying in the mud from which they at one time grew.

The next stage: the snake, symbol of transformation. It is prepared to deliver the deadly bite when appropriate. The fish, the old past, could become its victim. The phoenix can only rise after the fire of transformation has consumed all, turning it to ashes.

The skeleton is wearing the funeral head-covering used in ancient Egypt. This is a reference to the nessecity of carrying old ideas and concepts to their grave now, and burying them. Cords and bonds must be cut, imprisoned souls liberated from their bonds. The eagle, the final stage of transformation, unfolds its wings and rises.


The Death by Ina Audeirieth


Tarot Cards

The Major Arcana ( Trump )


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