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The Hermit by Ina Audeirieth

Key Words:

Virgo; finding one’s own light; going inward; completion, harvest; resting in one’s own center; wise guide.


Retiring from life, retreat from the masses, looking into one’s self, introversion

Alchemical attributes

Saturn as the keeper of the gate, or Saturn in Aquarius, standing for the search of wisdom and the keeping of independence

Tree of life: Chesed going to Tiphareth = (Yod י)

Element: Earth
Number: 9 as the number going back into itself (3 x 3)


The Hermit represents retirement from the outside world, introversion into the inner self, listening to the inner voice and caring for the inner self. He requires retreat from any ‘high life’ and loud company, and stands for a time of self-reflection and self-realization. For most people, the silent loneliness of the Hermit appears unattractive, but behind the Hermit is the wisdom of the High Priestess.

The Hermit has set out in search of internal fulfillment and has found the light within. He is so fulfilled by the wealth of the inner realm that the external world appears colorless and unimportant. When you repose in yourself, you have come home. There is no reason to chase after the deceptive light of that which is external and transitory.

However, the journey inward also has its difficult and troublesome aspects. You need courage, and trust in yourself, in order to embark on this journey, for before you reach the sought-for light, you are led through the apparantly danger-filled realms of your own shadow. These are represented on the card by the poisonous snake and the three-headed hell-hound, Cerberus. Two of Cerberus’ heads look forward, one looks back. His attention is directed partly toward the past in order to make sure all important details have been brought to completion. All unfinished business must be attended to before the available energies can be applied to the new. The integration of the animal in us is also a prerequisite to the emergence of a whole, total Being.

The transforming light of inner clarity fills, bit by bit, all levels of his being. The sheaves ripen, the fruits of his surrender to the internal Self become visible. The grain can be harvested and shared with others. Whoever has found the inner reality can share the experience of trans- formation with other seekers.

This card admonishes you to heed your inner wisdom, and gather together with other people who will be supportive on the shared path. The goal of this path is to find the inner voice and learn to listen to it. Discover your inner guide and become well acquainted with your inner healer.


The Hermit by Ina Audeirieth


Tarot Cards

The Major Arcana ( Trump )


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