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In the Qabalah, Hod is the eighth of the ten Sephiroth on the “Tree of Life.” Its meaning in Hebrew is Splendour. The other Sephiroth are: Kether, Chokmah, Binah, Chesed, TipharethGeburah, Netzach, Yesod, and Malkuth.

Qabalistic Attributions

Key Scale: 8

Name: Hod (Splendour)

Astrology: Mercury



Egyptian (selection): Anubis

Egyptian (practical): Thoth

Hindu: Hanuman

Scandinavian: Odin, Loki

Greek: Hermes

Roman: Mercury

Christian: God the Holy Ghost (as Comforter and Inspirer of Scripture), God the Healer of Plagues

General Attribution: The 4 Eights

Titles & Attributions

Wands: Swiftness (Mercury in Sagittarius)

Cups: Indolence (Saturn in Pisces)

Swords: Interference (Jupiter in Gemini)

Discs: Prudence (Sol in Virgo)




Material Correspondences

King Scale: Violet purple

Queen Scale: Orange

Emperor Scale: Red-russet

Empress Scale: Yellow-brown flecked white

Animals: Hermaphrodite, Jackal [Twin serpents, Monoceros de Astris]

Plants: Moly, Anhalonium Lewinii

Precious Stones: Opal, especially Fire Opal

Perfume: Storax

Vegetable Drugs: Anhalonium Lewinii [Cannabis Indica]

Mineral Drug: Mercury

Alchemical Metal: Mercury

Magick & Mysticim

The Four Worlds

Element: Water

Magical Weapons: The Names and Versicles and Apron

Magical Formula: —

Parts of the Soul: Ruach (The Intellect)

Lineal Figures of the Planets, &c., and Geomancy: —

Chakra: Svadistthana (Navel)

The Soul (Hindu): Prana

Quarter: West

Order of Qliphoth: Samael (Deceivers)

Forty Buddhist Meditations: Analysis into 4 Elements

Magical Power: The Vision of Splendour [Ezekiel]

System of Taoism: —

Figure related to Pure Number: —

Heaven of Assiah: Kokab (Sphere of Mercury)

God Name in Assiah: Elohim Tzabaoth

Archangel of Assiah: Mikael

Angels of Assiah: Beni Elohim (Sons of God)

Divine Name of Briah: (Mem Tzaddi Peh Tzaddi)

Angel of Briah: Hisniel

Choir of Angels in Briah: Beni Elohim

Palace of Briah: Hekel Gonah (Palace of Serenity)




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