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Neurogenetic Ontology: There are Eight Anatomical Levels of Reality

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Neurogenetic Ontology: There are Eight Anatomical Levels of Reality

In Info-Psychology [1] Timothy Leary presents a neurogenetic ontology – a theory of eight levels of reality and their interaction.

All realities are neurological-patterns of impulses received, stored and transmitted by neural structures. Consciousness is defined as energy received by structure. Intelligence is defined as energy transmitted by structure. For the human being the structures are neural circuits and their anatomical connections. Please re-read the last three sentences.

For thousands of years ontologists have speculated futilely about the nature of reality. There can be no more room for debate. Surely the nervous system determines every aspect of human reality. What is “real” is what is registered by nerve endings, coded in neural memory banks, and transmitted by nerve fibres.

The ontological question is so easily resolved we wonder why there was ever any confusion. After all, the circulation of the blood was understood four centuries ago. The structure of the nervous system, the fibrous wiring of the sense organs, and the connections to the brain are so anatomically obvious that one is puzzled at the inability of earlier anatomists and physiologists to understand that the nervous system is the seat of consciousness and thus the solution of many ontological questions that have vexed and confused man’s thinking. We face here, perhaps, another contrived, deliberate stupidity, a protective myopia, a species taboo which shrouds attempts to explain consciousness and intelligence-expanding processes. The facts about the nervous system are too robot embarrassing, too challenging to larval theological and political systems. It is just too early on the evolutionary clock for the species to face the neurological facts, for the robots to decipher their own circuitry.

Consider the sad fate of Julien Offray de Lamettrie, whose futique genius caused him to be dismissed from his medical posts and exiled to Holland:

Lamettrie demonstrated by comparative methods the relationship between man and other living beings, and proceeded to a theory of the evolution of organisms. He stated that psychical life is observable already on the lowest level of evolution. Investigating the functions of the brain, Lamettrie tried to discern various stages of its formation which are of primary importance in the development of mental life. Also he protested against an evaluation of the moral character of men which depends on the acceptance of religious doctrines. Although Lamettrie was described as a crude materialist, he also influenced idealist philosophers.

This ‘scapegoat of 18th century materialism’ has been blamed and despised by many who had not read a single page of his books.

He is best known for L’Homme Machine.

Four-brained humans cannot accept a scientific neurogenetic ontology which places reality within the changing flux of the nervous system and not in the comforting solidity of the imprinted-conditioned reality-islands. “Man the machine” is an unbearable concept to those who are not ready to mutate beyond the lower, robot circuits.

One cannot evolve from one’s robothood until one realizes how totally one has been robotized. A succinct presentation of this point will be found in Gurdjieff’s comments on mechanization quoted by Ouspensky: In Search of the Miraculous.

Exo-psychology suggests that there are as many realities as there are neuro-anatomical structures for transceiving signals. As the seven neuro-anatomical circuits unfold, so do seven broad classes of reality.[1]

  1. The First Reality, Bio-cellular, is the imprinted-conditioned world of the infant perpetuated in the viscerotonic survival techniques of the adult.

  2. The Second Reality, Locomotor-muscular, is the imprinted-conditioned world of the crawling, brawling, walking child perpetuated in the emotional-political techniques of the adult.

  3. The Third Reality, mediated by the left cortex, is the imprinted-conditioned world of the child learning to manipulate L.M. symbols and perpetuated in the linguistic-technology of the adult.

  4. The Fourth Reality is the imprinted-conditioned world of social-sexual, domestic responsibility.

  5. The Fifth Reality, Body Consciousness is the reception by the body of direct, natural signals uncensored by survival imprints and selectively aware of the demands of gravity.

  6. The Sixth Reality is the imprint of the nervous system of and by and unto itself. Einsteiman consciousness no longer frozen to larval circuits or to the body. Brain reality is a relativistic, changing Niagara of millions of bio-electric signals flashing around a thirty-billion cell network. The statement “consciousness is no longer frozen” is not metaphorical; it refers to biochemical-electrical changes at the synaptic level which liberate the flow of signals from routine patterns. The term “static, imprinted-conditioned world” refers to neural-wired programs hooked to reality-islands.

  7. The Seventh Reality is the reception by the nervous system of RNA signals from DNA molecules within the cell. Genetic messages leading to symbiotic inter-species telepathy. Since reality is energy registered by neural structure, we can “see” only what we are ready instrumentally and conceptually to receive. At the Seventh Circuit DNA-RNA signals are monitored.

  8. The Eighth Reality is meta-physiological, meta-biological and involves contelligence projected out from the Quantum Projection Booth. See the publications of the Physics Consciousness Research Group by Sarfatti, Sirag, Herbert et al.


[1]. Leary, T. (1987). Info-Psychology. New Falcon Press, Los Angeles.

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