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The Lovers by Crowley & Harriss

Key Words:

Gemini; love, attraction, approaching, connection, union of opposites through Love; becoming conscious through relationship.


Mastery of the will over nature, a sense for law and order, plan and structure

Alchemical attributes

Venus and Mars – on a higher level Sun and Moon – as the combination of the contrasts

Tree of life: Binah going to Tiphareth = ( Zayin   ז )
Element: Air
Number: 6 as combinantion of contrasts and their mutual penetration


The card shows the marriage of the Emperor and Empress. The ceremony is performed by the Hermit, one of the forms of the god Mercury. He is completely hidden by his robes to symbolize that the origin of all things lies beyond the reach of the manifest and the intellect.

The lovers represent two opposites which yearn for and are attracted to one another. This duality which is reflected in every aspect of exi- stence, is existentially experienced in the relations between man and woman. Every attempt at approach, union, connection, is an expression of the passionate urge to re-establish this lost Oneness. Every individual, every man and every woman, contains the duality of male and female. These express themselves in different, often contradictory, personal characteristics.

Psychologists have recognized for a long time that each partner in a relationship mirrors the mental and spiritual condition of the other. Usually your partner mirrors aspects that are undeveloped and un- animated in yourself. What you feel you are missing in yourself you see in the other. If studying in this »school of life« can be said to have a goal, it is to become whole, total individuals. Only when you can find your oneness and inner harmony will you approach that goal of total self- unfolding. The bliss we all vainly seek outside ourselves is only to be found and developed in ourselves. Every disturbance that stirs us, every discontentment which simply leads us on to greater discontentment, acts to derail us on our search for real stillness and inner peace.

Back now to the symbols of the card. All symbols are presented in pairs, in readiness to meet the opposite. The transformation occurs in the union of the wedding. This is represented by the winged orphic egg and the snake coiled arround it. The children hold in their hands the symbols of the different planes to be affected by the transformation; body (club), intellect (spear), emotions (cup), and spirit (flowers). The lances which build a border in the background represent the conflict between limitation and freedom, connection and independence, components of every relationship.

There are three other symbols from the zodiac to be seen; Leo, Scorpio, Sagittarius, the lion (Leo) represents the male principle in nature, and indicates the creativity which may grow out of the union. The white eagle represents Scorpio, the scorpion in its transformed state. It mirrors the feminine component, the surrender to one’s own emotional depths. Cupid, as Sagittarius, shows the need for direct, honest interchange.



The Lovers by Ina Audeirieth

Tarot Art by Jake Kobrin

Tarot Cards

The Major Arcana ( Trump )


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