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Qoph (ק)

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In the Kabalah, the 22 Paths (named after the letters of the Hebrew alphabet) connect the ten Sephiroth on the “Tree of Life.” The Ninteenth is the Path of Qoph (ק), which connects Netzach with Malkuth.

The 22 paths are: 11 Aleph, 12 Beth, 13 Gimel, 14 Daleth, 15 , 16 Vau, 17 Zain, 18 Cheth, 19 Teth, 20 Yod, 21 Kaph, 22 Lamed, 23 Mem, 24 Nun, 25 Samekh, 26 Ayin, 27 , 28 Tzaddi, 29 Qoph, 30 Resh, 31 Shin, 32 Tau,

Qabalistic Attributions

Key Scale: 28

Group: The Zodiac— 15 Aries, 16 Taurus, 17 Gemini, 18 Cancer, 19 Leo, 20 Virgo, 22 Libra, 24 Scorpio, 25 Sagittarius, 26 Capricorn, 28 Aquarius, 29 Pisces

Name (Hebrew Letter): Qoph (Back of head)

Value of Hebrew Letter: 90 (900)

Path joins: Netzach (7) and Malkuth (10)

Tarot Atu: The Moon (XVII)

Element: Air

Astrology: Aquarius


Planets / Zodiacs

Egyptian (selection): Khephra (as Scarab in Tarot Trump)

Egyptian (practical): Anubi

Hindu: Vishnu (Matsya Avatar)

Scandinavian: —

Greek: Poseidon, Hermes Psychopompos

Roman: Neptune

Christian: —

Sign of the Zodiac: Pisces

Planetary ruler: Jupiter

Exalted planet: Venus



Material Correspondences

King Scale: Violet

Queen Scale: Buff, flecked silver-white

Emperor Scale: Light translucent pinksh brown

Empress Scale: Stone color

Animals: Fish, Dolphin, Beetle, Dog, Jackal

Plants: Unicellular Organisms, Opium, Mangrove

Precious Stones: Pearl

Perfume: Ambergris, Menstrual Fluid

Vegetable Drugs: All narcotics

Mineral Drug: —

The Human Body: Legs and Feet

Magick & Mysticim

Astrological Correspondances

Genii of the Twelve Hours (Levi): Tarab, Misran, Labus, Kalab, Hahab, Marnes, Sellen

The Mansions of the Moon: Pisces—20°-30° Fargh the former, Fargh the latter (hind lip of Urn), and Rishaa (navel of Fish’s belly)

Order of Qliphoth: Nashimiron

Forty Buddhist Meditations: Conduct

Magical Weapons: The Twilight of the Place and Magic Mirror

Magical Formula: —

Magical Power: Bewitchments, Casting Illusions

System of Taoism: —

Figure related to Pure Number: —

Lineal Figures of the Planets, etc., and Geomancy: Laetitia

Geomantic Intelligences: Amnitziel

Legendary Orders of Being: Phantoms, Werewolves

The Four Worlds

Heavens of Assiah: Dagim (Pisces)

God Name in Assiah: —

Angels ruling Houses: Pasiel

Twelve Lesser Assistant Angels in the Signs: Vakabiel

Angel Lords of the Triplicity in the Signs by Day: Ramara

Angel Lords of the Triplicity in the Signs by Night: Nathdorinel

Angels of the Decantes:

Ascendant: Bihelami

Succedent: Avron

Cadent: Satrip

Magical Images of the Decans:

Ascendant: A man with two bodies, but joining their hand

Succedent: A grave man pointing to the sky

Cadent: A man of grave and thoughtful face, with a bird in his hand, before him a woman and an ass


Ascendant: Thyme

Succedent: Coxium

Cadent: Santal Alb

Goetic Demons of Decans by Day:

Ascendant: Furfur (1. Hart with fiery tail 2. Angel)

Succedent: Marchosias (Wolf with a gryphon’s wings and serpent’s tail. Breathes flames.)

Cadent: Stolas (Raven)

Goetic Demons of Decans by Night:

Ascendant: Seere (Beautiful man on winged horse)

Succedent: Dantalion (Man with many countenances, all men’s and women’s, carries a book in right hand)

Cadent: Andromalius (Man holding great serpent)

Egyptian Gods of the Zodiac:

Ascendant Decan: Rephan

Succedent Decan: Sourut

Cadent Decan: Phallophorus

Egyptian Names of the Decans:

Ascendant: Archatapias

Succedent: Thopibui

Cadent: Atembui



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