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Shakti’s Surrender, Shiva’s Integration

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Shakti’s Surrender, Shiva’s Integration

From Shakti’s side, she is open and feeling everything. With Shiva, he is present in it all – being all there is. How to differentiate between the two? This is the borderline of the mind’s crossing; here in the union, there is pure space and a singular experience that is itself experiencing. Love.

Tantra is the science of love. The practice of love. The meditation is so deep, it just encompasses the totality of it all. These two’s dance – Shiva and Shakti – is the whole of the practice, the experience, the essence.

Think of a time, an activity or some other active moment memory, when you were just in the here and now – no future is projecting, no past is lingering, just here. Now.

This calm abiding in the moment is the Witness, being. Just seeing.

Another memory – you feel something shift, some gut feeling to go some place, see some person. You go and there is great reward or reason for going. Shakti is totally connected to the energy, feeling, of life.

Both are here, in this body, but also as archetypal characters in our lives and unseen forces moving life around and around.
Entry on the path can be found through both. Tantra, yoga, breath, movement. Once one enters via Shiva, there is Shakti, just waiting. Entry through Shakti? Alas, Shiva’s abode.

Presence is within you already. Finding ways to access, these are the methods.

Emotion and feeling are also here. Allow these to guide you.

Hari Om

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