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Shamanic banishing ritual

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ULAANBAATAR, MONGOLIA – JUNE 22: Mongolian Shamans or Buu, take part in a fire ritual meant to invoke  spirits to mark the period of the Summer Solstice in the grasslands on June 22, 2018



Shamanic banishing ritual or what is known as the “Ritual of drawing a shamanic circle”  is a cleansing/banishing ritual that stands as a basis for all other shamanic practices. One of the main purpose of drawing a shamanic (magical) circle is to prepare a balanced container/space for further magickal practices including healing, invocation, evocation, sorcery, etc.

Note! This ritual employs the names of deities from several different Native American tribes.)

Tune your magical compass – Axis Mundi

The very initial point in any magical practice is to tune your internal compass, i.e. to find the cardinal directions in the space that you would like to perform your ritual. Use a compass (Analog or digital) to find EAST, WEST, SOUT, NORTH, and properly mark them using the following alchemical symbols:


Drawing a shamanic circle in nature, the fire will be placed in the center of the circle representing the spirit.

The Shamanic Cross (Medicine Wheel)

Reclaiming Wicca Celtic shamanism works with a medicine wheel based on the five elements, starting with the East-Air and moving to South-Fire, West-Water, North-Earth and Centre-Spirit. Through rituals and meditations, the elements are invoked for healing and manifestation.

Stand and face east. Imagine a brilliant white light touching the top of your head. Reach up with the index finger or blade of a dagger to connect with the light and bring it to the forehead.

Touch the forehead and say: “To WAKANDA.” Touch the breast and say: “ToMICHAB0.” Touch the right shoulder and say: “To IOSKEHA.” Touchthe left shoulder and say: ‘To WHOPE.”

Clasp the fingers over the breast and say: “And to all the Ancestors, I give thanks.”

The Pentagrams

Face east. Use a dagger or the index finger of the right hand to trace a large lesser banishing pentagram. As you do so, vibrate “WABUN.”

Go to the south and draw the same pentagram while vibrating: “MANITOU.”

Go to the west and draw the same pentagram while vibrating: “KABUN.”

Go to the north and trace the pentagram while vibrating: “INNUA.”


Return to the east (complete the shamanic circle physically – and more importantly mentally) and stand in the position of the Tau Cross. Say:

“Before me, SILA, of the air. Behind me, AULANERK, rulers of waves. On my right hand, ABABINILII of the flames. On my left hand, NOKOMIS, the Grandmother. For about me are the Four Winds, and upon me shines UTEA.”

Repeat the Shamanic Cross as in the beginning.



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