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Shin (31-bis)

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Shin (31-bis)

In the Kabalah, the 22 Paths (named after the letters of the Hebrew alphabet) connect the ten Sephiroth on the “Tree of Life.” The Path of Shin—the 21st path joining Hod and Malkuth—is bisected, and the second half (or alternate) is numbered 31-bis on the Key Scale.

The 22 paths are: 11 Aleph, 12 Beth, 13 Gimel, 14 Daleth, 15 , 16 Vau, 17 Zain, 18 Cheth, 19 Teth, 20 Yod, 21 Kaph, 22 Lamed, 23 Mem, 24 Nun, 25 Samekh, 26 Ayin, 27 , 28 Tzaddi, 29 Qoph, 30 Resh, 31 Shin, 32 Tau, 32-bis, 31-bis.

Qabalistic Attributions

Key Scale: 31-bis

Group: Elements—11 Aleph, 23 Water, 31 Fire, 32-bis Earth, 31-bis Spirit

Name (Hebrew Letter): Shin (Tooth)

Value of Hebrew Letter: 300

Path joins: Hod (8) and Malkuth (10)

Tarot Atu: All 22 Atu (Trumps)

Element: Spirit

Astrology: —



Egyptian (selection): Asar

Egyptian (practical): —

Hindu: Akasa

Scandinavian: —

Greek: Iacchus

Roman: Liber, Bacchus

Christian: The Holy Ghost

The Elements and Senses: Spirit and Hearing

Supereme Elemental Kings: —

Rulers of the Elements: —

Angels of the Elements: —

Kings of the Elemental Spirits: —

The Five Elements (Tatwas): Akasa (the Black Egg)

Alchemical Elements: —



Material Correspondences

King Scale: White, merging Grey

Queen Scale: Deep purple (near black)

Emperor Scale: The 7 prismatic colours, the violet being outside

Empress Scale: White, red, yellow, blue, black (the latter outside)

Animals: Sphinx (if sworded and crowned)

Plants: Almond in Flower

Precious Stones: Black Diamond

Perfume: [No attribution possible]

Vegetable Drugs: Stramonium

Mineral Drug: Carbon

The Human Body: Organs of Intelligence

Magick & Mysticim

The Four Worlds

The Four Quarters: —

Archangels of the Quarters: —

Order of Qliphoth: —

Forty Buddhist Meditations: Breathing

Magical Weapons: The Winged Egg

Magical Formula: —

Magical Power: Invisibility, Transformations, Vision of the Genius

System of Taoism: —

Figure related to Pure Number: —

Lineal Figures of the Planets, &c., and Geomancy: —

The Letters of the Name: Shin

The Parts of the Soul: Yechidah

The Demon Kings: —

Legendary Orders of Being: Socratic Genius

The Four Worlds: —

Heavens of Assiah: Ath (Spirit)

God Name in Assiah: (yod heh shin vau heh)

The Court Cards of the Tarot, with the Spheres


Wands: The Root of the Powers of Fire (Ace)

Cups: The Root of the Powers of Water

Swords: The Root of the Powers of Air

Disks: The Root of the Powers of Water



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