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The Sun – By Crowley & Harris

Key Words:

Sun; highly creative energy; awareness; fulfilled love relation- ship; wisdom, spirituality; transformation.


Aiming at the light, living for generous, unconditional principles

Alchemical attributes

Sun in House 5 standing for the joy of life, creativity and persuavive power

Tree of life: Hod going to Yesod = (Resh ר)

Element: Fire
Number: 19 as a higher level of 9, the cross sum is 10 (> Wheel of Fortune > The Magician)


The Sun is the symbol of life and light, for the power that always is generously given without reducing itself.

The sun radiates as the center, in the middle of the twelve astrological signs, and bathes everything in its light. From its interior blooms the rose of realization. Its light is the essence of clarity and highest conscious- ness and awareness.

Two children with butterfly wings dance on the green mountain of creativity. This is a symbol of a liberated partnership between man and woman. The freedom gained is expressed in ecstatic joy and enthusiasm. Now all energies are fully available for a common creative process. The energies will no longer be wasted in struggles over dominance, jealousy or boundaries.

The wings of their combined creativity, the experience of union in the service of the great Light, carry them aloft. They experience and enjoy fulfillment in every moment. There is no wished-for goal off in the future. Everything is here, and it is good.

The wall surrounding the tip of the mountain means that the highest peak of freedom and consciousness remains locked to these two. In order to pass beyond, they must leap one last special hurdle. The small entrance to the peak must be found by each of us.

In this state of ecstasy, a far-reaching alchemical transformation can take place. The person represented by the Moon is a reflector of light, while the person represented by the Sun has become a source of light, embodying the qualities of wisdom and spirituality. S/He is no longer just a mirror, like the Moon which reflects the Sun’s light without being able to radiate light or warmth itself. S/He has found the ultimate source of inner light. S/He radiates divine wisdom and love upon the whole world, infusing it with the light of transformation.

Something new and transformational is being ripened in all of human- kind, just as fruit is ripened through a chemical process caused by the Sun’s warm rays. The birth of a »New Humanity« requires the completion of a process described in the old alchemical texts. The Phoenix burns, only to arise from the ashes a new, magnificent bird, and fly into the open sky. The light of consciousness will permeate all aspects of our being.


The Sun by Ina Audeirieth

Tarot Card

The Major Arcana ( Trump )


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