Adham Pranayama

Pranayama is the practice of breath control, and it plays a crucial role in yoga for enhancing one’s physical, mental, and spiritual well-being. “Adham” is a Sanskrit word that can be translated as “inferior” or “low,” and it refers to the lower regions of the body, often associated with the abdomen. Therefore, “Adham Pranayama” translates […]

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Nadi Shodhana

Nadi Shodhana is the first pranayama described in the classical yogic texts. Ideally, other classical pranayamas should be attempted only after practising nadi shodhana as instructed by the teacher for a specific period. The word nadi means ‘energy channel’ and shodhana means ‘to cleanse’ or ‘to purify’. Therefore, nadi shodhana is a practice whereby the […]

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Pranayama Unveiled

  Pranayama Unveiled The techniques of pranayama are designed to bring the central Nadi, the Sushumna, into the primary function, rather than the Ida or Pingala dominating the functions of prana flow. With the activation of the Sushumna as the primary flow for prana, the yogi experiences freedom from the human condition, and joy. By […]

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This Teaching is Not a Doctrine

Consider academic knowledge of whatever topic comes first to the mind. This knowledge is handed to learners by a teacher. This teacher researches within institutions adhering to the sourcing of research results via methods of verification and provides the stats, data, study documents or whatever materials are used with confidence that the learning going on […]

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What is Meditation?

What is Meditation? Osho has spoken of the questioning of newer disciples and guests regarding meditation. I remember him saying, ‘They ask the wrong question. They ask “how to meditate” rather than “what is meditation?” This is the Zen approach. One’s ideas of meditation are what comes to the aid of the natural power grab […]

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Pranayama (devanāgarī: प्राणायाम prāṇāyāma) is a Sanskrit term composed of two words. The first is prāṇa, and refers to the life force or vital energy, and also to the breath. The second word can be ayāma (beginning with short a: “extension”, “expansion”) or āyāma (beginning with long a: “stopping”, “restraining”). Therefore, the composed term can be translated as either extension or stopping of the life force or breath. […]

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Zen and Tantra Anarchy

Credits to the inspiration for this title. The article “Zen Anarchy” can be found here: Attachment to labels, titles, of practices can lead to an immediate question as to what the hell the article is even pointing towards. Some experience of stillness, silence, is needed to explore words alluding to the state talked about […]

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Tantric Enlightenment

Pranic Knowing Tantric Enlightenment “Tantric enlightenment” sounds like the enlightenment tantra leads to is separate from some other type of enlightenment. This is not the case. The wholeness within is ultimately inherent within beings on this planet – the same stardust that is one is that same in all. Yet we come embodied in so […]

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Zen: It’s Not What You Think

To talk about zen practice, we first need some experience of the silence within sound. Sounds exotic, yes? Zen is simply the practice of falling into the Witness consciousness silently watching all happenings within oneself. To begin, find a comfortable seat with the spine straight, shoulders slightly back, pelvis tucked slightly forward. Breath normally, yet […]

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