Counterculture refers to a cultural, social, or political movement that emerges as a response to and rejection of the prevailing norms and values of mainstream society. Countercultural movements often challenge established norms, traditions, and institutions and seek to create alternative ways of living and thinking. Counterculture isn’t limited to any one decade or generation, these […]

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Jonathan Ott

Jonathan OTT June 17, 1925 – June 2, 2014 Summary Jonathan Ott is a prolific and highly regarded writer, translator, publisher, reviewer and pundit on virtually every aspect of entheogen botany, chemistry, pharmacology, bioassay, culture, and history. The term entheogen itself is most closely attributed to him; he was one of the people who helped coin it, […]

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Psychedelic Information Theory

  Psychedelic Information Theory Psychedelic Information Theory (PIT) is the study of information creation in the human imagination, particularly in states of dreaming, psychosis, and hallucination. PIT seeks to model the functional output of human perception in order to extrapolate the limits and complexity of information arising in human altered states of consciousness. The foundation […]

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Psychedelic Gnosis

Psychedelic The term psychedelic means “mind-manifesting” which implies that all potential states of mind may be manifested under psychedelic states of consciousness experienced as a result of different techniques namely deep meditation, dancing, chanting, drumming, fasting, tantric sex, and using herbs and ethnobotanical agents solely or in combination with other techniques. If normal consciousness moves […]

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