Siva & Sivaism

Lord Shiva Shiva (/ˈʃɪvə/; Sanskrit: शिव, romanized: Śiva, lit. ’The Auspicious One’ [ɕɪʋɐ]), also known as Mahadeva (/məˈhɑː ˈdeɪvə/; Sanskrit: महादेव:, romanized: Mahādevaḥ, lit. ’The Great God’ [mɐɦaːd̪eːʋɐ]), or Hara, is one of the principal deities of Hinduism. He is the Supreme Being in Shaivism, one of the major traditions within Hinduism [1]. Siva & Sivaism Shaivism […]

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The tantras are the teachings and writings that set out the practices of Vajrayana Buddhism, the stream of Buddhism prevalent in Tibet. The tantric teachings are based on the principle of the transformation of impure vision into pure vision, through working with the body, energy, and mind. Tantric texts usually describe the mandala and meditation […]

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Zen and Tantra Anarchy

Credits to the inspiration for this title. The article “Zen Anarchy” can be found here: Attachment to labels, titles, of practices can lead to an immediate question as to what the hell the article is even pointing towards. Some experience of stillness, silence, is needed to explore words alluding to the state talked about […]

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Tantric Enlightenment

Pranic Knowing Tantric Enlightenment “Tantric enlightenment” sounds like the enlightenment tantra leads to is separate from some other type of enlightenment. This is not the case. The wholeness within is ultimately inherent within beings on this planet – the same stardust that is one is that same in all. Yet we come embodied in so […]

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Tantra Gnosis

There is a teaching saying in Zen that says, “…it would be better to be deaf, blind and dumb from the very beginning.” This is not a literal statement, wishing one to be without vital senses, but rather a teaching tool. Tantra practice, simply put, is the weaving together of vital energies within nature and […]

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