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Virasana – 1

V!ra means a hero, warrior, champion. This sitting posture is done by keeping the knees together, spreading the feet and resting them by the side of the hips. The pose is good for meditation and pranayama.


1. Kneel on the floor. Keep the knees together and spread the feet about 1 8 inches apart.

2. Rest the buttocks on the floor, but not the body on the feet. The feet are kept by the side of the thighs, the inner side of each calf touching the outer side of its respective thigh. Keep the toes pointing back and touching the floor. Keep the wrists on the knees, palms facing up, and join the tips of the thumbs and forefingers. Keep the other fingers extended. Stretch the back erect. (Back view: Plate 88. Front view: Plate 89)

3· Stay in this position as long as you can, with deep breathing.
4· Then rest the palms on the knees for a while.

5. Now interlock the fingers and stretch the arm straight over the head palms up.

6. Stay in this position for a minute with deep breathing.

7. Exhale, release the fingerlock, place the palms on the soles, bend forward and rest the chin on the knees.

8. Stay in this position for a minute with normal breathing.

9· Inhale, raise the trunk up, bring the feet forward and relax.

10. If you find it difficult to perform the pose as described above, try placing the feet one above the other and rest the buttocks on them.  Gradually move the toes further apart, separate the feet and bring them to rest outside the thighs. Then, in time the buttocks will rest properly on the floor and the body will not rest on the feet.


The pose cures rheumatic pains in the knees and gout, and is also good for flat feet. Due to the stretching of the ankles and the feet, proper arches will be formed. This, however, takes a long time and requires daily practice of the pose for a few minutes for several months. Those suffering from pain in the heels or growth of calcaneal spurs there will get relief and the spurs will gradually disappear. The pose qm even be done immediately after food and will relieve heaviness in the stomach.

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