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Yod (י)

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In the Kabalah, the 22 Paths (named after the letters of the Hebrew alphabet) connect the ten Sephiroth on the “Tree of Life.” The tenth is the Path of Yod (י), which connects Chesed with Tiphareth.

The 22 paths are: 11 Aleph, 12 Beth, 13 Gimel, 14 Daleth, 15 , 16 Vau, 17 Zain, 18 Cheth, 19 Teth, 20 Yod, 21 Kaph, 22 Lamed, 23 Mem, 24 Nun, 25 Samekh, 26 Ayin, 27 , 28 Tzaddi, 29 Qoph, 30 Resh, 31 Shin, 32 Tau,

Qabalistic Attributions

Key Scale: 20

Group: The Zodiac— 15 Aries, 16 Taurus, 17 Gemini, 18 Cancer, 19 Leo, 20 Virgo, 22 Libra, 24 Scorpio, 25 Sagittarius, 26 Capricorn, 28 Aquarius, 29 Pisces

Name (Hebrew Letter): Yod (Hand)

Value of Hebrew Letter: 10

Path joins: Chesed (4) and Tiphareth (6)

Tarot Atu: The Hermit (IX)

Element: Earth

Astrology: Virgo


Planets & Zodiacs

Egyptian (selection): Isis (as Virgin)

Egyptian (practical): Heru-pa-Kraath

Hindu: The Gopi girls, the Lord of Yoga

Scandinavian: —

Greek: Attis

Roman: Ceres, Adonis [Vesta, Flora]

Christian: —

Sign of the Zodiac: Virgo

Planetary ruler: Mercury

Exalted planet: Mercury



Material Correspondences

King Scale: Green, yellowish

Queen Scale: Slate grey

Emperor Scale: Green grey

Empress Scale: Plum

Material Correspondences

Animals: Virgin, Anchorite, any solitary person or animal [Rhinoceros]

Plants: Snowdrop, Lily, Narcissus, Mistletoe

Precious Stones: Peridot

Perfume: Narcissus

Vegetable Drugs: All anaphrodisiacs

Mineral Drug: —

The Human Body: The Back

Magick & Mysticim

Astrological Correspondances

Genii of the Twelve Hours (Levi): Tabris, Susabo, Eirnils, Nitika, Haatan, Hatiphas, Zaren

The Mansions of the Moon: Virgo—20°-30° Sarfah, ’Awwa (the Dog, two stars in f), and Simak (Spica Virginis)

Order of Qliphoth: Tzaphiriron

Forty Buddhist Meditations: Bloated Corpse

Magical Weapons: The Lamp and Wand (Virile Force reserved), the Bread, Lotus Wand

Magical Formula: —

Magical Power: Invisibility, Parthenogenesis, Initiation

System of Taoism: —

Figure related to Pure Number: —

Lineal Figures of the Planets, etc., and Geomancy: Conjunctio

Geomantic Intelligences: Hamaliel

Legendary Orders of Being: Mermaids, Banshees



The Four Worlds

Heavens of Assiah: Betulah (Virgo)

God Name in Assiah: —

Angels ruling Houses: Veyel

Twelve Lesser Assistant Angels in the Signs: Shelathiel

Angel Lords of the Triplicity in the Signs by Day: Laslara

Angel Lords of the Triplicity in the Signs by Night: Sasia

Angels of the Decantes:

Ascendant: Ananaurah

Succedent: Rayadyah

Cadent: Mishpar

Magical Images of the Decans:

Ascendant: A virgin clad in linen, with an apple or pomegranate

Succedent: Tall, fair, large man, with him a woman holding a large black oil jar

Cadent: An old man leaning on a staff and wrapped in a mantle


Ascendant: Santal Flav

Succedent: Srorus

Cadent: Mastick

Goetic Demons of Decans by Day:

Ascendant: Zepar (A soldier in red apparel and armour)

Succedent: Botis (Viper (or) Human, with teeth and 2 horns, and with a sword)

Cadent: Bathin (A strong man with a serpent’s tail, on a pale horse)

Goetic Demons of Decans by Night:

Ascendant: Alloces (Soldier with red leonine face and flaming eyes; rides great horse)

Succedent: Camio ( 1) Thrush. 2) Man with sharp sword seemeth to answer in burning ashes or coals of fire)

Cadent: Murmur (Warrior with ducal crown rides gryphon. Trumpeters.)

Egyptian Gods of the Zodiac:

Ascendant Decan: Isis

Succedent Decan: Pi-Osiris

Cadent Decan: Panotragus

Egyptian Names of the Decans:

Ascendant: Thumis

Succedent: Thoptius

Cadent: Aphut



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