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  • RE: LSD

    @gnostic-serpent I never called my experience recreatio...

    By Tyler, 2 weeks ago

  • RE: LSD

    If you count them "Healing Journey" then why are they "...

    By Gnostic Serpent, 2 weeks ago

  • RE: LSD

    @gnostic-serpent and recreational use-cases are never h...

    By Tyler, 2 weeks ago

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Visionary Art

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Inspired by the balance of nature and the divinity within human consciousness, Canadian geometric/visionary artist Glenn Thomson bridges the divide between the mystical & the conceivable.

Utilizing the ancient wisdom of sacred geometry, Glenn brings forth hand-drawn works of intricate symmetrical vision. Just as vibrations naturally bring cymatic patterns into formation, the tuned human mind can nurture and expand the beautiful patterns within us all.

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