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Allyson Grey


Allyson Grey, a conceptual abstract painter and co-founder of CoSM, Chapel of Sacred Mirrors, has long been a mentor and influencer of the contemporary Visionary Art movement. In 1971, in a psychedelic awakening through the guidance of Ram Dass’ book Be Here Now, Allyson heard a voice calling her to express in her art an essentialized world view. Chaos, Order & Secret Writing came to artistically symbolize the three essential characteristics of human perception, a minimal yet all-encompassing artistic statement worthy of immersion for a lifetime. Allyson’s art is a personal and shared meditation on the structure of thought, life and enlightenment.
Secret Writing, the language of creative expression, is untranslatable and beyond concepts. The symbols were originally drawn by the artist in the early 70’s after an intentional LSD journey in which Secret Writing appeared to the artist as clear evidence of God contact. After much practice in automatic writing with infinite characters, the artist chose twenty letters comprising an alphabet with an order. The letter series is sometimes portrayed backwards or in “planned randomness.”
Allyson has bachelor and master’s degrees in fine arts from the Boston Museum School. Her work has been exhibited in dozens of galleries and museums throughout the United States. Like her husband Alex, she has spoken worldwide at conferences and gatherings about the positive effect that the judicious use of psychedelics has had on her life and art.

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