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Daniel Mirante is a painter, explorer and teacher with an interest in symbolism, archetypal psychology. sacred and esoteric art tradition and new forms of art education.

Areas of Focus

  • Old masters technique with new variations. Tempera grassa, soffio and mischtechnik
  • Online visionary art education
  • Studies into the history, anthropology and psychology of sacred art traditions


“Ever since I can remember, I was maybe a little more absorbed in that area we call ‘imagination’ or ‘daydream’ than many people around me. It remains one of the most memorable and precious things for me to meet people who are also deeply keyed into their ‘inner world’.

The way that this inner world or subconscious started presenting to me fairly early on, around the age four or five was with drawing arabesques, mazes and fractal patterns. I remember drawing and filling many sheets of paper with a desire to map these hidden realms. This expressed itself later on in obsessively recording dreams and mapping internal geographies that were ‘keyed in’ to the natural landscape features and architectures of where I grew up, such as the legendary mountains of Snowdonia, the ancient layered city of Chester, and the technological landscapes of the oil refineries along the Rivery Mersey.

Through my teenage years I experienced a profound flooding of the archetypes and collective energies of the culture and history I was born to. This represented itself as tensions between past and future, masculine and feminine, nature and technology, matter and spirit. I was quite overwhelmed, psychologically. At times I scared myself and burnt suitcases full of drawings and writings that were too strange for my own comprehension. It took me years of conceptual organising and meditation to make sense of the forces that were often seeming to wrestle for my soul or energy. In university this took expression as an ‘underworld’ journey through the layers of cultural conditioning, using the art world as a kind of lens of understanding the evolution of consciousness through various ‘zeitgeist’ – the spirit of the ages. At this point I became aquainted with some very useful approaches such as Systems Theory, Jungian Psychology, and Gnosis.

This has lead to a lifelong concern with exploring the unconscious through symbols, and I’ve approached this in various ways, through dedicated engagement in shamanistic traditions, mystical paths, ecology, physics, history. At times the path has been very challenging and at times the balance has been lost between art, community, family, duty, external career, health and so on, but I keep improving this balance, which is the same for most people – its the alchemy of life. Teaching has been a beautiful addition. The study of Art remains a powerful way to organise the threads and engage and participate in the process of sense-making, world-building, mythology, and creating culture, or pathworking – without bypassing the difficult material – to positive visions of our future and our human potential.

Its taken me this long to begin to really see the continuity through my life, and how the earliest expressions of my soul as a child link very fundamentally to the way I express now much later. The motif of the arabesque, the labryinth, and geographies inhabited by beings that represent very potent forces, is as true to me now with my study of old masters techniques and new technologies, as it was for the child grasping his crayons.” _ Daniel Mirante

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