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Ina Auderieth


I am an artist from Vienna, Austria and born on 22.11.1986.
In my work I try to depict the beauty and terrors of the many other dimensions and states of consciousness which lie beyond our visible world. Hermeticism gave me the structure and the capability to display what in this reality nobody can really describe. As a result there can be found a lot of alchemic, symbolic, magical and cultural references in my drawings.

My task is to help with spiritual journeys and awakening in any way I can.
I regard myself as a guide attempting to navigate through this multidimensional labyrinth. My art should provide a gateway to different realms, metaphysical currents or steps on the paths we all have to take. There are fixed universal laws, defined steps and a general symbolic code we all experience in a similar context. That makes it possible to talk about initiation, awakening and gnosticism in an artistic way.
This world is clouded in illusions, so if just one veil can be lifted through my work it would be worth the task.

No piece of art could ever explain what I mean – but personal experience will. So nothing would make me more happy, then to inspire this reader to do some creative work on his/her own, develop an individual worldview and create a unique great opus!

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