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Jeff Angelo


Jeff Angelo is a French artist born in Reunion Island (French Island) in 1989. Feeling a bit lost and not knowing what to do with his life, especially during his adolescence and early adult life, a quest begins, a quest to understand the world, to understand human, to understand life and what I am doing here, on earth. Little by little the veil is lifted, year after year, I meditate a lot and free myself, until going from “I am a little human who explores the universe” to, in fact “I am infinite and eternal, my potential is without end, I am the universe exploring itself through humans”. It is awakening, I even access the source code of the universe, to multidimensions, I familiarize myself with quantum physics and integrate this infinite magical mystery on a daily base. Thus, an artistic potential which was latent in me, which was only waiting to be expressed, is revealed. From 2016, I start to paint, immediately very large and very complex canvas, because I know that anyway my potential is really infinite, and I can achieve anything I want, the limit is only inside my mind. And why not create paintings dedicated to free and awaken those who observe them, a virtuous circle, it is by evolving yourself and by helping others to do so that society will evolve, and this has started my friends, the Earth is changing profoundly, day after day. The rest of the story is to be discovered through my paintings, because it is my favorite mode of expression. My creations convey that consciousness, nature and love are the keys, I think that the paintings have the potential to gently release our beings to access our full power, our full capacities, our unconditional love. Thanks for reading me.

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