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Marlene Seven Bremner was born in Frankfurt, Germany in 1983. She has a BA in Geography and Environmental Studies and is trained as a Polarity Therapist by the Institute of Holistic Health Careers. She is a self-taught oil painter, exploring esoteric themes arising from her study and practice of Hermeticism, alchemy, tarot, psychology, magic, astrology, shamanism, and mythology. Seven developed her painting career in the Pacific Northwest, showing her work in both group and solo exhibitions along the West Coast, and relocated to New Mexico in 2019.

Seven’s subject matter has been greatly influenced by Jungian psychology and alchemical philosophy, both of which have provided her with a symbolic language to interpret otherwise ineffable sensations and impressions. Alchemy is the understanding of how consciousness relates to matter, which Seven has explored in-depth through the creative process. As physical, mental, and emotional transmutation takes place within, it is projected externally onto the canvas, distilling a psycho-spiritual process into its visual quintessence. Every painting is the end result of a visceral, lived experience that deepens her understanding of what it means to be human. The aim of the alchemical work called the Magnum Opus, is to free the authentic Self to be in alignment with its perfect, divine, unified nature, and to awaken the creative potential and power of the human imagination.

Behind all of Seven’s work is the intention of sharing this fundamental understanding with unapologetic authenticity and beauty, and to support others in their own awakening process. Each oil painting is a portal into an archetypal, timeless realm filled with both real and imagined landscapes and subjects from the animal, vegetable, and mineral kingdoms. Her style includes magic realism, surrealism, symbolism, and visionary elements that incorporate layers of mythological and occult symbolism. Sometimes she relies on automatism to coax out what is hidden from her conscious mind, and other times she follows a linear path to render a clear vision, using sacred geometry as a structural foundation.

In addition to painting, Seven works as a poet and writer. She writes on-the-spot poetry as part of the Poem Store, and original custom poetry can be requested directly from Seven through her Poem Request Form. She also writes essays and teaches about occult symbolism, creative alchemy, and self-empowerment. Much of her writing can be found on her Patreon Blog, and her first book, Hermetic Philosophy and Creative Alchemy is now available for pre-order from Inner Traditions.

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