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Thank you for your interest in my artwork!  I am grateful to share it with you as it comes straight from my heart to yours.  My name is Nicole Palapoli, I am a New York artist whose entire life has been driven by my exploration of visual arts.  I graduated from the School of Visual Arts in NYC in 2002, studied Art Education at Queens College, and studied in Italy and Spain.  After becoming a High School art teacher, I felt completely restricted and needed a full-time outlet for my creativity.  I was introduced to tattooing in 2007, quickly reinvented my life, and never looked back.  In 2012, I opened my first shop “Body Language Tattoo” in Queens.  After 7 successful years of business, I decided to close the doors at BLT in exchange for more flexibility to pursue my personal artwork.  I currently own and operate “Innerspace Gallery”.  I am the only employee, I am tattooing private clients as well as designing and selling various types of merchandise with my art as the theme.  In my artwork, I focus on our human experience, love, heartbreak, our connection with nature, and the unified field of consciousness.  As it moves through me and onto its surface, my artwork has given my life a purpose beyond my own healing.  My hope is that I can also connect with and spark the healing in the hearts of my viewers, even if it’s just for a moment.  In the future, I look forward to more live painting, body painting, special effects makeup, and murals!

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