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The Eternal Library of Primordial Gnosis

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    • Michael Chase

      The Eternal Library of Primordial Gnosis is our private digital database and collection of over +30,000 PDF files and MP3 Audiobooks ranging in topics from A-Z.

      We have compiled some of the most well renown classics within the realm of Mystical, Esoteric, and Occult literature. Many of these works are scans of books that cost hundreds or more for the originals, and many more can no longer be found for sale. To the True Seeker of Timeless Knowledge, these books are priceless.

      All books are in PDF format so they can be read on Ipads, E-Readers, Kindle, Android Tablets, Mobiles, Macs and PC’s.

      You can download them for later use or listen to them instantly, directly off of our server.

      Our vast collection of literature offers a wide variety of works from countless well respected authors in fields such as: Alchemy, Astrology, Astronomy, Audiobooks, Lectures, Podcasts, Esotericism, Esoteric Symbolism, Fourth Way, General Education, Gnosticism, Kabbalah, Magick, Misc, Mythology, Fairy Tales, Fables, Occultism, Philosophy, Psychology, Religion, Secret Societies, Sex, Spirituality, Tarot, The Dark Arts, UFO’s, Paranormal, Conspiracies, Various Authors, etc.

      To view our main index visit:
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