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The Gnostic Serpent is a community platform launched by Afshin (A.K.A Shin) in 2019 pursuing a visionary goal, that is to create a collective space for the cultivation of Light. 


Light is life, Light is Love, Light is Consciousness


The Light is universal; the true source of human wisdom and present knowledge on Earth. In the Gnostic Serpent community, we strive to understand the language of light, the one and only way through which nature speaks the art of creation.


We are a Network of LightWorkers


Together We Create By Jeff Angelo


The modern world that we are experiencing today is ruled by the lower nature of man. No surprise if we are being bombarded with low vibrational realities such as war, hunger, terror, pandemic, etc. The modern world and our modern state of mind, both on the individual and collective level, have given rise to a thick barrier between the organization of life and the human kingdom. Humans have lost the connection with nature, and as a chain of consequences not only we are observing that our beautiful planet is going out of the state of homeostasis, but also our mental and physical health status indicates how disconnected and vulnerable we became as a species!

Focusing on the brighter side, the exponential evolution of the information age, the complexity of the human ecosystem both on physical and virtual (cyberspace) is giving rise to yet another possibility for humans to pull the trigger for a new golden age, where we can reclaim and manifest our higher nature and create a whole new level of reality.

Gnostic Serpent is here to serve this purpose 

It is through the Language of Light, that humans can understand the darkness and experience higher states of consciousness. To cast the light of higher consciousness to the darkness of ignorance governing our physical world. To bring harmony and balance back to our beautiful home, EARTH.


Awaken to the magic of the world By Jeff Angelo


We are the Flame-Born Sons of God, thrown out as sparks from the wheels of the infinite. Around this Flame we have built forms that have hidden our light, but as students we are increasing this light by love and service, until it shall again proclaim us Suns of the Eternal.

Within us burns that Flame, and before Its altar the lower man must bow, a faithful servant of the Higher. When he serves the Flame he grows, and the light grows until he takes his place with the true Initiates of the universe, those who have given all to the Infinite, in the name of the Flame within.

Let us find this Light and also serve it, realizing that it is in all created things, that all are one because all are part of that eternal Flame, the fire of spirit, the life and power of the universe.

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Community Principles

Gnostic serpent is an open community and all members are welcome to contribute in the development process. Depending on their level of engagement, different members pose certain roles and responsibilities in favor of this community. 

Together we spread love & consciousness.

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