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      Circulate the Energy ( Learn and Give back )

      Every community thrives on its collective potential and ours is not an exception. The Gnostic Serpent community thrives on constructive interactions among the members, be it new members or seniors. We are all here to grow together through the nexus of love and consciousness. One of the greatest aspects of love is the art of conscious communication. In the context of a community, each person will better know than anyone else how (S)he can contribute in her/his unique way. It is of great importance to keep in mind that only when we are in our hearts, we are open to receiving new knowledge in its purest form comprehensible to the conscious mind, this is even more important for those who are willing to share/transfer their knowledge. The intention behind words is the great role player in their vibe and the final outcome.
      The only thing that keeps peeling off the layers of illusion is the art of analytical thinking. It is highly recommended that all members try to grow their knowledge through the use of our knowledge base and forum platform. Therefore, we highly recommend your participation in discussions and any analytical arguments that could help improve the depth of discussions in the Gnostic Serpent Community forum.



      Watch your language. Communication is comprised of not only explicit but also implicit messages, which are transmitted through the choice of words and general tone of speech. We do not want curse words and immature slang in the Nexus! Please use language in a dignified manner.


      Think Critically

      We try to encourage and expect critical thinking between members. This means one should question one’s assumptions and actions, for example seeing if they can impact negatively upon oneself or others around you. We do not want people displaying arguments and trains of thought that are reckless and dangerous or talking about things that can be a liability. Also one should do basic research before asking and saying things, we do not want to spoon-feed answers.



      Over 18 years

      The age of majority is the threshold of adulthood as it is conceptualized (and recognized or declared) in law. It is the chronological moment when minors cease to legally be considered children and assume control over their persons, actions, and decisions, thereby terminating the legal control and legal responsibilities of their parents or guardian over and for them.

      This means that at the age of 18 you are considered to have your own freedom and responsibility.

      No recruitment, survey, advertising or campaign material is allowed to be posted on the Gnostic-Serpent without our explicit permission.

      No discussion on selling, buying, sourcing, acquiring, pricing, trading, receiving, distributing, mentioning pending deliveries or smuggling of drugs.

      This includes but is not limited to: advertising of services or goods, surveys of any kind, political campaigns, (semi)religions, lawsuit campaigns, calls for action and petitions.

      This rule is to prevent the use of the Gnostic-Serpent for the pushing of other peoples agendas. Often we do not want any association with such groups since any fallout on that group will affect the Gnostic-Serpent as well.

      No preaching

      If you have an opinion about something, respectfully state it, but please do not talk in absolutes about right and wrong or disrespectfully disregard other world views. No matter how convinced, nobody has a monopoly over knowing what life or the universe is all about, of knowing what happens after death or exactly what ‘hyperspace’ is and where the experiences come from.

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