Hanged Man

  Key Words: Congealed; end of a situation or relationship which is stuck; letting go, giving up, surrendering; learning to see in a new way; the necessity of breaking through old behavior patterns. Drive Devotion, acceptance of fate, maturity Alchemical attributes Uranus as neutralization and inversion, Neptun as spirit of sacrifice, the 12. house as […]

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Key Words: Leo; passion; multidimensional creativity, talents; strength; integration of animalistic energies; overcoming old fears and conditionings. Drive Energy, passion, charisma, joy of life Alchemical attributes Venus in Leo – the creative development of passion leads to enjoyment and fulfilness Tree of life: Chesed going to Geburah = (Teth ט) Element: Fire Number: 11 as […]

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Wheel of fortune

Key Words: Jupiter, new beginning, expansion, creativity, big break-through, self- realization, unexpected fortune. Drive Eternal motion, changing, restarting, accepting of fate Alchemical attributes Saturn, Uranus, Neptun and Pluto – the masters of Karma Tree of life: Chesed going to Netzach = (Kaph כ) Element: Fire Number: 10 as symbol for perfection, the cross sum is […]

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Key Words: Virgo; finding one’s own light; going inward; completion, harvest; resting in one’s own center; wise guide. Drive Retiring from life, retreat from the masses, looking into one’s self, introversion Alchemical attributes Saturn as the keeper of the gate, or Saturn in Aquarius, standing for the search of wisdom and the keeping of independence […]

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Key Words: Libra; balance, centering, equilibrium; balancing of opposites; justice. Drive Will for knowlegde, harmony between reality and instinct, objectivity Alchemical attributes Venus in Libra, standing for fairness and justice, with a clear aspect to Saturn Tree of life: Geburah going to Tiphareth = (Lamed ל ) Element: Air Number: 8 as the number of […]

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Key Words: Cancer; new beginning, change for the good; introspection, meditation, spiritual path. Drive The will to conquer, courage, victory Alchemical attributes Mars in connection with Sun or Mercur; Mars as symbol of enforcement combines with Sun as symbol for will or Mercur as the symbol of the way Tree of life: Binah going to […]

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