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Teth (ט)

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In the Kabalah, the 22 Paths (named after the letters of the Hebrew alphabet) connect the ten Sephiroth on the “Tree of Life.” The ninth is the Path of Theth, which connects Chesed with Geburah.

The 22 paths are: 11 Aleph, 12 Beth, 13 Gimel, 14 Daleth, 15 , 16 Vau, 17 Zain, 18 Cheth, 19 Teth, 20 Yod, 21 Kaph, 22 Lamed, 23 Mem, 24 Nun, 25 Samekh, 26 Ayin, 27 , 28 Tzaddi, 29 Qoph, 30 Resh, 31 Shin, 32 Tau,

Qabalistic Attributions

Key Scale: 19

Group: The Zodiac— 15 Aries, 16 Taurus, 17 Gemini, 18 Cancer, 19 Leo, 20 Virgo, 22 Libra, 24 Scorpio, 25 Sagittarius, 26 Capricorn, 28 Aquarius, 29 Pisces

Name (Hebrew Letter): Teth (Serpent)

Value of Hebrew Letter: 9

Path joins: Chesed (4) and Geburah (5)

Tarot Atu: The Lust (XI)

Element: Fire

Astrology: Leo


Planets & Zodiacs

Egyptian (selection): Ra-Hoor-Khuit, Pasht, Sekhet, Mau

Egyptian (practical): Horus

Hindu: Vishnu (Nara-Singh Avatar)

Scandinavian: —

Greek: Demeter (borne by lions)

Roman: Venus (repressing the Fire of Vulcan)

Christian: —

Sign of the Zodiac: Leo

Planetary ruler: Sol

Exalted planet: Uranus



Material Correspondences

King Scale: Yellow, greenish

Queen Scale: Deep purple

Emperor Scale: Grey

Empress Scale: Reddish amber

Material Correspondences

Animals: Lion (Cherub of Fire) [Cat, Tiger, Serpent]

Plants: Sunflower

Precious Stones: Cat’s Eye

Perfume: Olibanum

Vegetable Drugs: All carminatives and tonics

Mineral Drug: —

The Human Body: Heart

Magick & Mysticim

Astrological Correspondances

Genii of the Twelve Hours (Levi): Zeirna, Tablibik, Tacritau, Suphlatus, Sair, Barcus, Camaysar

The Mansions of the Moon: Leo—10°-30° Jabhah, Zubrah (Lion’s mane), and 0°-20° Sarfah (Cor Leonis)

Order of Qliphoth: Shalehbiron

Forty Buddhist Meditations: Gnawed by Wild Beasts Corpse

Magical Weapons: The Discipline (Preliminary) [Phœnix Wand]

Magical Formula: TO MEGA THERION

Magical Power: Power of Training Wild Beasts

System of Taoism: —

Figure related to Pure Number: —

Lineal Figures of the Planets, etc., and Geomancy: Fortuna Major and Fortuna Minor

Geomantic Intelligences: Verachiel

Legendary Orders of Being: Horror, Dragons


The Four Worlds

Heavens of Assiah: Ari (Leo)

God Name in Assiah: —

Angels ruling Houses: Oel

Twelve Lesser Assistant Angels in the Signs: Sharatiel

Angel Lords of the Triplicity in the Signs by Day: Sanahem

Angel Lords of the Triplicity in the Signs by Night: Zalberhith

Angels of the Decantes:

Ascendant: Losanahar

Succedent: Zachi

Cadent: Sahiber

Magical Images of the Decans:

Ascendant: A man in sordid raiment, with him a nobleman on horseback, accompanied by bears and dogs

Succedent: A man crowned with a white myrtle wreath, holding a bow

Cadent: A swarthy hairy man, with a drawn sword and shield


Ascendant: Olibanum

Succedent: Lyn Balsami

Cadent: Muces Muscator

Goetic Demons of Decans by Day:

Ascendant: Beleth (Rider on pale horse, with many musicians. Flaming and poisonous breath)

Succedent: Leraikha (An archer in green)

Cadent: Eligos (A knight with a lance and banner, with a serpent)

Goetic Demons of Decans by Night:

Ascendant: Crocell (Angel)

Succedent: Furcas (Cruel ancient, with long white hair and beard, rides a pale horse, with sharp weapons)

Cadent: Balam (3 heads (bull, man, ram), snake’s tail, flaming eyes. Rides bear, carries goshawk)

Egyptian Gods of the Zodiac:

Ascendant Decan: Typhon

Succedent Decan: Perseus

Cadent Decan: Nephthe

Egyptian Names of the Decans:

Ascendant: Aphruimis

Succedent: Sitlacer

Cadent: Phuonidie



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